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quinta-feira, 20 de março de 2008


É preciso
ter sempre
pronto um
sorriso largo
para receber
a Primavera...

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Brevíssima, originally uploaded by PauloAcacio.


I Don't Know
I am...

But, I Don't
I Have
Gone too Far!

Paulo Acacio Ramos

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Saudades, originally uploaded by PauloAcacio.

I don't Even Know

I've been missing you
I just cannot
Take my eyes out of you
You're there in my day
there in my night
there in my life
there in my heart
there in my crazyness
there in my love for you.

Paulo Acacio Ramos

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Ascenção, originally uploaded by PauloAcacio.

in my hand
a non-important
not like a bird
in the autumn sky
but just like
the fear
that pulses
in my spine

Paulo Acacio Ramos

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Antiguidades, originally uploaded by PauloAcacio.

The love
Broken Toy.
Headless Doll…

This warm,
This marble,
This porch.

The love,
This body which descends
To the land.
Which returns to dust…

excerpt from a poem by Paulo Acacio Ramos

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POPMEUPMEPOP, originally uploaded by PauloAcacio.

Dawns the Autumn.
A Poem opens itself.
Some wings spread.
Little beaks open.
Flowers blooming
Eyes wide close.
Ears wide open.

Open, doors, letters.
Secret Diaries revealed.
Scars still beating.

Above the waters
arrises the mist.
Days and waves
keep building
its Cathedrals.

Paulo Acacio Ramos

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Crepúsculo, originally uploaded by PauloAcacio.

In the dusk
of all gods...
The asymmetries
of the human spirits,
cry in the drumming silence
Of the great ideals
That the time let not resist.

Paulo Acacio Ramos

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Nocturno, originally uploaded by PauloAcacio.

What if I scream what if I say that I want just
To Scream what if I ask you to let me only scream
What If I shout to ask you to let me just
Scream and ask to take what I want that is
Only the right to scream, just that, well
Loudly and clearly, a scream taken by the Solar
Wind captured by some special sonar
That was recieved unadvised
By my cry and only my scream
that would be allowed by you
my scream that went to fly by
the Outer space only
scream only sound
Me just within
A scream of mine
Only the sream of
Me to me Only
in face of the
Harsh penalties ...
Just scream and
Only me that
Shout my self...
Lost inside of me and
always me, crying ...

paulo acacio ramos

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